trump: an unspoken truth

🎨: Zekkeraya El-megharbel

Noah premiered "TRUMP: An Unspoken Truth" in January 2018 at New York's annual APAP Showcase, and has performed it several times since. In the midst of these painful and confusing times, the work explores the evils of Donald Trump's presidency and rise to power through Trump's own words, utilizing samples of his voice from various sources to craft an illuminating new speech for him to speak. The piece is a solo project for alto saxophone, clarinet, and electronics. Check out the teaser below!

castle garden

Castle Garden

Courtesy of the US National Parks Service

Research for this piece was conducted in the archives of the New York Public Library.

Castle Garden is a reflection on the lives of Jewish immigrants who migrated to New York in the 19th and 20th centuries, drawing parallels between their experiences and the struggles that immigrants face in America today. The piece explores themes of assimilation, such as learning a new language and adopting a new culture; self-rejection and shame, as products of perpetual feelings of remoteness; the importance of family, community, and nostalgia for the homeland; and the painful idea that for many, immigration is not itself the escape: The real escape begins upon arrival, when one's identity as an immigrant becomes that which they desire to shake off.

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